Class Registration Policy + Early Termination

By enrolling in Minni’s program, you are committing to your child’s participation for the full semester (or what’s remaining of the semester if already in session), and your credit card will be charged in full or monthly over the course of the semester. If you must terminate your child’s class participation at any time during the semester, you must pay the early termination fee of $50 per semester course. The $10 registration fee upon check-out is nonrefundable. 

Children under 4 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver during each class.


Make Up Policy

Classes are not held on public school holidays. These closures are factored into the semester’s overall fee and there are no make-ups for days that classes are not in session. Make ups can be requested for classes missed due to illness or family schedule and they will be scheduled for a class immediately before or after the absence (capacity permitting). Minni may not allow a make up past the week the absence occurs and does not issue credits for missed sessions.


Drop-In and Workshop Reservations

Clients may reserve in person, by calling, or online. We highly recommend online reservations. Reservations may be given away if client fails to show up at the start of session. 

Drop-In and Workshop Cancellations

Clients must cancel 4 hours prior to the start of the Drop-In, Event or Workshop session either online or by calling. Clients with memberships are charged a $15 no show fee for failure to cancel in time. Clients with class packages will have one class automatically deducted from their total classes. 


Class Packs

Class packs are non-transferrable between clients and expire 6 months from date of purchase. Class packs and memberships are only valid at the South End location and not at any affiliate partner sites.

Camp Registration Policy

To secure a camp seat, payment must be received in full at time of booking. There is a 48-hour grace period in which to cancel a seat with no penalty, except when the seat is booked for a camp that occurs within those 48 hours, in which case, there is no refund. There are no refunds for camp seats after this period, including for illness. If a family schedule changes, camp seats may be switched to different camp sessions if space allows. The $10 registration fee upon check-out is nonrefundable. 


Food Policy

There may be camps or workshops at Minni that require children to bring water and/or snacks. Each camp day please provide your child with a water bottle and snacks. All food must be tree-nut free and not require refrigeration. If your child forgets their water and/or snacks or their water and/or snacks do not meet the requirements set above and Minni has to provide your child with food, you must fully reimburse Minni for the cost of the food.



Parents are required to alert Minni’s staff members of any medical issue, dietary issue, allergy or illness that could impact the safety and well being of your child and his/her peers in the program. If your child might require an EpiPen, other medical device or medication, you must leave it (labeled with your child’s name) with the staff with explicit, written instructions. 


Medical Consent

Parents or guardians will be contacted if a child requires medical attention during class time. If parent or guardian cannot be reached, an administrator of Minni will arrange for treatment as necessary. 


Outdoor Protective Gear Policy

Minni staff members may take the children outside for various activities during classes, camps or workshops. For days where it may rain or snow, please provide the appropriate protective clothing or gear for your child. If you would like your child to wear sunscreen while outside, please provide it in their bag each day. Minni staff members will not apply sunscreen to children, but will remind them to apply it.


Lost and Found

Minni recommends that you label all personal items with your child’s name. Minni is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced items.


Other Policies

Minni reserves the right to ask your child to leave the session if it is determined that he/she is in any way disruptive to the Program. Any decision made by Minni in this regard will be in Minni’s sole discretion. Minni asks that the parent/guardian disclose all pertinent information regarding their child’s past school experiences and/or behavior so we may help you decide if our session is appropriate for your child. If the parent withholds information pertaining to special needs, behavioral, physical or other and it is determined that Minni is not appropriate for your child, refunds will not be given. If we find out that your child does not meet the age requirements for the session, your child may be asked to leave and no refund will be made. Similarly, if your child is asked to leave the session for any reason, no refund will be made.