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Minni Things That Go

Ages 4-9

Monday–Friday 1:30–4:30pm
July 8–12

What is it about movement and things that GO that holds children’s fascination like no other? This week will offer a broad exploration of motion and its role in the art world. We’ll investigate kinetic sculptures that bend and spin as well as drawings and paintings that show what it’s like to zoom to the moon and ride around town. Our largest creative project will be the group construction of a vehicle using a mix up of wood, metal, and other materials. Be ready to make things and make them go!

The Minni Summer Program schedule offers :

+ Weeklong art + design programs, Monday–Friday

+ Enrollment of no more than 12 little artists per session, ages 4–9

+ Rotating design themes led by teaching artists + professional educators

+ Daily outdoor art-making or field trips to nearby studios + galleries