Superhero Cities.jpg

Minni Superhero Cities

Ages 4-9

Monday–Friday 9am–12pm
August 12–16

WAITLIST ONLY. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s time for Superhero Cities! This week MinniDesigners will learn the basics of building and balance to create structures suitable for superheroes. In addition to studying what superheroes look like and wear, students will investigate classic fictional superhero cities, from Argo City to Metropolis. Participants will invent environments and bring infamous personas to life. A super summer week is guaranteed.

The Minni Summer Program schedule offers :

+ Weeklong art + design programs, Monday–Friday

+ Enrollment of no more than 12 little artists per session, ages 4–9

+ Rotating design themes led by teaching artists + professional educators

+ Daily outdoor art-making or field trips to nearby studios + galleries