Nature Lovers.JPG

Minni Nature Lovers

Ages 4-9

Monday–Friday 1:30–4:30pm
July 29–August 2

It’s Minni en plein air! We’re taking this week to focus on creating art outside in the most fun mix of forms with the most outdoorsy mix of materials. Projects will include making sun prints, flower and leaf mandalas, and constructing fairy houses using elements of local trees, plants, and earth collected on our daily excursions. We’ll also try our hands at painting landscapes of nearby outdoor spaces. And for the archeologists in our group: we’ll of course be making fossils. Get in to this week at Minni to get out and get making.

The Minni Summer Program schedule offers:

+ Weeklong art + design programs, Monday–Friday

+ Enrollment of no more than 12 little artists per session, ages 4–9

+ Rotating design themes led by teaching artists + professional educators

+ Daily outdoor art-making or field trip to nearby studios + galleries