Dollhouse_and_Decor copy.jpg

Minni Dollhouse + Décor

Ages 4-9

Monday–Friday 9am–12pm
August 19–23

Dollhouses offer endless opportunities for creative exploration and play. This week’s projects will focus on creating all of the miniature elements of the tiny worlds that children innately love, putting our MinniArtists entirely in control of how their homes look and who occupies them. The theme offers a great chance to expand upon the borderless role of design in our own lives: where we put things and how we make them look has much to do with how they are used and how individuals and families (doll and human alike) interact and spend their time. Planned projects include making wallpaper, rugs, furniture, and dolls themselves.

The Minni Summer Program schedule offers :

+ Weeklong art + design programs, Monday–Friday

+ Enrollment of no more than 12 little artists per session, ages 4–9

+ Rotating design themes led by teaching artists + professional educators

+ Daily outdoor art-making or field trips to nearby studios + galleries