Accessories Adventure.jpg

Minni Accessories Adventure

Ages 4-9

Monday–Friday 1:30–4:30pm
August 12–16

Dress up or down for this most meta of weeks, in which our MinniArtists actually make their favorite dress up items – and then use those items to design and engage in more imaginative play and creation than ever before. We’ll explore myriad elements of fashion and style in planning new couture creations, looking to upcoming and established designers alike for inspiration and reflection upon the entire design process: how does a sketch become a material become a superhero cape-turned-reason-to-run-around-the-house-dressed-all-in-red? Projects will include jewelry, hats, scarves, purses, and capes – essentially, all the required elements for the perfect dress up wardrobe.

Note that this week’s theme pairs wonderfully with Fun with Fabric. We highly recommend joining both programs if your schedule allows.

The Minni Summer Program schedule offers :

+ Weeklong art + design programs, Monday–Friday

+ Enrollment of no more than 12 little artists per session, ages 4–9

+ Rotating design themes led by teaching artists + professional educators

+ Daily outdoor art-making or field trips to nearby studios + galleries