Party at Minni

What to Expect


You booked your birthday party and chose your perfect party theme. What’s the next step? Now is a good time to learn a little more about our parties before the special day.



Our parties are designed with seamless transitions facilitated by your Minni instructor.

  1. Arrival + Birthday Book Coloring – 15 minutes (lounge)

    As party goers arrive they are invited into our lounge where they can color a customized birthday book for the birthday child. Your Minni Instructor will personalize this book at the end of the party with their signature and a special note! 

  2. Themed Art Activities in the Studio – 60 minutes (studio)

    After Birthday Book decorating, your Minni Instructor will lead party participants to the studio for creativity + crafting.

  3. Cake + Celebration – 30 minutes (lounge)

    Following creativity in the studio, cake and celebration will commence back in the lounge. Sing happy birthday, make a wish, blow out the candles!

  4. The Final Farewell – 15 minutes (lounge + shop)

    Party complete!


Our party themes are designed to offer colorful, approachable projects that suit your child’s creative preferences. Each party theme provides:

  1. Themed Projects

    Your Minni Instructor will lead 2 art projects relating to your party theme. Many of our projects include decorating masks and collaging with high quality materials. We always match art materials to the client’s selected color theme (think mint greens and shades of pastel pink if you chose our Garden balloon color theme).

  2. Exploration Station

    Simple yet effective, our Exploration Station features a smorgasbord of art materials in the chosen color theme for self-guided innovation and creativity.

  3. Birthday Mural

    Who doesn’t love a collaborative mural? Party goers will paint a mural on cotton canvas using your selected color theme.



Our studio + lounge provide a bright and clean canvas for your party’s decorations. We are already very colorful, but your instructor will make it even better with thoughtfully placed balloons, a celebratory birthday banner and a perfectly set table. Just bring sweets, smiles and any special extras!



Our open and modern space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate larger groups and events. Our lounge is perfect for grown-up relaxation and wine sipping while their littles get messy in the studio. Take a look at the images below to get an idea of your perfect art party space.

Still have more questions about our space? Learn more.



Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging!

We will update you with more details two weeks and then two days before the big day.

Still have questions? Read Party FAQ.