Late Spring Classes at Minni

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Grow + explore in the studio this spring.

Our Late Spring session of art + design classes is almost here! We are excited to launch new classes for each age group, including a new MinniBuilders class for ages 1.5–3 and a culinary art adventure for all of our future foodies ages 3–6.

Our classes are distinct and unique:

+ All courses are taught by professional artists, designers, and educators.

+ Classes emphasize a progression of skills, with each week building upon the last.

+ The surrounding SoWa Art + Design District allows field trips and unique exposure to nearby galleries, furniture showrooms, and artist studios.

+ Our curriculum is created by real experts who have both classroom teaching experience and background in program development, so we are able to create experiences that offer the right amount of challenge for all of our students.


Late Spring Class Highlights


MinniBuilders - Toppling Towers

Wednesdays 9:30–10:15am
May 1–June 19

Tiny builders ages 1.5–3 and caregivers will problem-solve their way through this program of crazy construction, tall towers, and stacked structures. MinniBuilders will use a range of materials, including cardboard, clay, shaving cream, and paint to stack, build, and mold buildings and whimsical sculptures.


MinniExplorers - Future Foodies

Fridays 3:45–4:30pm
May 3–June 21

In this class MinniExplorers ages 3–6 will travel the world cooking up the most delicious crafts and culinary creations. Students will learn all the ways culinary art and studio art are connected as they use a multitude of processes, including sculpting, printing, and collaging to create a full menu of their favorite foods from around the globe.


MinniDesigners - Fun with Fashion

Fridays 4:45–6pm
May 3–June 21

This exploration of style and fashion production will take playing dress up to an entirely new level! Aspiring designers and repeat outfit-offenders ages 6–10 are encouraged to put their creativity to work in the wearable way, designing a series of couture pieces focused on sewing, stitching, and stringing.

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