Meet Mia Cross


Get to know local painter and skilled colorist Mia Cross.

Mia Cross is known for bright color blocking and textured paint generously applied to large canvases or commercial interiors. Mia expertly uses color to create abstract representations of people, places and things, a theme that will also be explored by color mixers and painters of all ages in Minni ColorShop and Minni Design + Wine - Color Swatches at Minni in April.

Mia was kind to answer a few questions about her creative process.


M: Your paintings focus on creating engaging color relationships. When did your fascination with color begin? 

MC: Color was always something that was important to me. Whether it was expressing myself through my outfits, or the things I collected. And I found the art I was drawn to always had to have strong color sensibilities. But I think my fascination was turned on in college when I took Richard Raiselis’ Color Theory class at BU. It literally opened my eyes to all that color could do. It is a sort of alchemy! 

M: Can you describe your painting process?

MC: My painting process varies a bit depending on the piece. I usually come up with either the title and/or concept first before starting the painting. I gather my painting sources and the colors and I am inspired by, prep my canvas, start sketching, and then dive in with paint! My figurative work takes a bit longer than my color study work. I work layer by layer, letting the oil paint dry in between sittings. 


M: We have to ask – what is your favorite color?

MC: My favorite color is any shade of blue. And it has been since I was a kid. I was so excited when I could take down my room’s pink wallpaper that came with the house I grew up in, and paint it blue! Occasionally red steps up to my favorite color position if the blue can’t say it. But maybe that’s just because I come from a family of redheads. 


M: Did you create art as a child, and if so, what is your favorite memory? 

MC: I was always creating as a child. I was so lucky to be from a creative family that nurtured and encouraged my artistic spirit. It is quite hard to choose my favorite memory. I have so many fond ones… from all of the art classes I took in school to hand making x-mas gifts for all of my family members every year, learning to sew and embroider, building a treehouse with my family, singing and learning to play guitar. One of my favorite memories was keeping a sketchbook with me as I traveled through Italy one summer with my family. I was probably 7. I was drawing these imagined stained glass window designs and my brother and I invented a cast of superheroes.

M: What inspired you as a child? What inspires you in your daily life as an adult? 

Mx: I think everything was a wonder as a child. My dad painted a lot while I was growing up and I loved looking at what he was able to think up and put to paint. I was inspired by nature, animals, (without knowing it) the art in all the museums I was dragged to, and music, especially Frank Sinatra! And now I still try to remain inspired by anything and everything. From trash on the beach to a palette of colors grabbed from a shot in a movie. I am especially inspired by faces. My life goal is to never lose the feeling of wonder I had as a child!


Join Mia for two upcoming workshops at Minni!