Valentine's Day Slime


The perfect Valentine’s Day stay-at-home-no-effort activity.

Introducing Fluffy Frosting Slime, a creamy sensory project perfect for all ages and snowy days. This slime resembles fluffy layers of strawberry frosting, and is made with ingredients found right in your cabinets. Whip some up with your sweetheart this week!


+ 1 part Elmer’s Glue (white)

+ 1 part water

+ 2–3 drops red food coloring

+ 1–2 large dollops of shaving cream

+ 1 part liquid starch

+ A dash of glitter (of course)

Additional Materials : Measuring cups, a mixing bowl, spoons, and a tray (optional)

Let’s get started!


1. Pour glue + water into a bowl. We are using 1/4 cup in these images. Mix, mix, mix!


2. Add 2–3 drops of red food coloring. Swirl all around to create a shade of pink!


3. Time for the shaving cream! Mix in a large dollop of fluffy cream to your pink mixture. Encourage your little valentine(s) to mix until the mixture is foamy and smooth.


4. Lastly, pour in a little bit of liquid starch. Have your little one mix until the slime starts to become sticky and bouncy. Add more liquid starch to make the slime stickier, or add more shaving cream to make the slime fluffier!


The finished concoction can be decorated with glitter, beads, googly eyes, or anything else hiding in your junk drawer!

Tip: A tray or a shallow container provides the perfect surface for the littlest of littles to play with their slime. Provide extra shaving cream on the side for more sensory fun!

Happy creating! ❤️

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