Minni SlimeShop


Get ready for some ooey gooey fun.

Create concoctions and enjoy the experiments offered by instructor Denise in our SlimeShop workshop, as a range of ingredients are offered up to students ages 4-10 to make the most of three different winter-themed slimey recipes. Unleash your inner scientist and relax; we’ll take care of the mess as students enjoy the rest.

About Denise 
Denise Gunter is an artist and educator creating and working in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently residing in the city, Denise originates from North Carolina and a long line of female artists. She earned her MA in Art + Design Education from the Rhode Island School of Design in June of 2018, and her BA in Art Studies from North Carolina State University in 2008. Denise's artwork involves series and explorative pieces in concrete books, print-making, drawings, and recently, installations. While making informs her teaching practice, she utilizes both to promote art as a tool for the everyday. 

Sunday, January 6, 10:00—11:30am

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