Continuous Gradation


Continuous Gradation: September 7 – October 23

Join us for the official opening on September 7, 5-8pm.

Our second Minni exhibition Continuous Gradation features work by designer duo Ryan and Kimberly Habbyshaw of Loyal Union in Somerville, MA. Bold circle prints form a continuous gradation across a backdrop of pristine white walls, illustrating the scalability of art + design. Prints can be displayed alone or expanded infinitely as a series - Imagination is your only limitation! 

Ten percent of each print sold is donated to RAW Art Works, a youth arts organization dedicated to teaching underserved children how to express themselves through art and building confidence. The program is located in Lynn, Massachusetts where the prints are made with the help of Eli Epstein, a RAW Art Works instructor and owner of Union Press in Somerville, MA.

So many wonderful themes emerge from this installation for discussion in our upcoming classes, including (but not limited to) the function of repetition, value, and tone in art. Our exhibitions are beautiful educational tools, serving as visual launching points for many topics explored in our programming. We transform along with the art on our walls to bring truly immersive experiences to our students. We are so excited to see our minniest visitors interact with these prints! 

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Loyal Union

Loyal Union

More About Loyal Union

Loyal is a design studio specializing in building brand experiences through visual identity design and communications led by husband and wife team Ryan and Kimberly Habbyshaw. Loyal pursues creative collaborations celebrating people and brands dedicated to bringing ideas to life with passion. 

Many know Loyal for their conceptual retail space, Loyal Supply Co, which houses explorations in product creation and retail installation, hosting a curated selection of products from collaborations in the creative community. Loyal Supply also serves as a venue to convene local makers for product launches + gallery shows. 

Loyal embodies our passion for community, creativity, and bold, spirited design. 




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