America's Test Kitchen at Minni!

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Adults need creativity too! Last week we hosted the creative team from America’s Test Kitchen for their own Creative Camp, a two-day offsite retreat designed to inspire. Typically a space for toddlers and children to get messy with paint, our lounge was transformed to accommodate leadership training, guest speakers, a photography workshop, an oyster shucking demo, and of course, plenty of delicious food! 

We were excited to host ATK for many (obvious) reasons, but most thrilling was to see how our space can be utilized in real-time. We designed Minni as a thoughtful space that can easily adapt and rapidly change from a vibrant studio for kids to a calming environment for us adults. Out with the splattered paint, in with the neat notebooks! 

We work with folks interested in our clean, well-designed Boston location in two ways:

  • Host your event in our space. You can contract to use our lounge and studio areas for your own special event that you will be planning. This set-up is ideal for groups looking to coordinate an off-site meeting, host a unique pop-up for a new product or shop concept, or conduct a photo shoot. Our white walls, concrete floors and adaptable furniture leave a lot of room for creativity.

  • Let us host your event, utilizing both our space and our expertise. Perhaps your off-site is intended to get the team juices flowing? We can provide a teacher and a structured activity to warm up your participants and lead in to the best brainstorm your business has ever seen. We can be a larger part of your event as well, providing an afternoon- or evening-long design project for a bridal or baby shower celebration, and assisting with catering and beverages. We encourage our grown-ups to be as creative as our littlest students.

Check out some highlights from ATK's event below!

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