Meet Eugene


One of our talented instructors, Eugene is a freelance woodworker and owner of WouldWork Shop with a passion for functional art such as furniture, interior decor and humorous novelty items. Read on to learn more about Eugene's work and childhood!


How would you define yourself as a creator?

My goal is to create functional art, things that people can hold and touch and interact with that serve some purpose beyond "just being." The engineer in me wants to create things that work and serve a purpose in someone's life, and the artist in me wants to make those things look pretty.

Did you begin your art career as a child?

I took painting and drawing classes from childhood up to my early teens, and I was mainly drawn to pencil sketching. Most of my sketching was actually done in my summer camp (Russian Math Camp at Sunapee), and I would mainly draw portraits and figures of my surrounding camp-mates. In terms of technical abilities, I'm told that I drew my first schematics at age 8, for a cardboard wave machine (that my mother claims she still has laying around somewhere).


What inspired you as a child?

Robots, dinosaurs, outer space, Saturday morning cartoons, all part of the stereotypical 90's nerdy kids' aesthetic, and were a big part of my doodling/early drawing style. I actually got into origami pretty early, since paper was easily accessible and I had more of a 3D-visualizing mind, so making something beyond the 2D and gifting it was a wonderful feeling, especially early on.

What do you think we can learn from our MinniArtists? 

Chaos! Well, more like controlled chaos. The little ones have a flurry of energy and spastic creativity, and it's a great reminder that not everything needs to be done neatly and orderly in order to be completed - sometimes a little chaos brings out the unexpected in a project. Improvisation too. I've gotten better at riffing and improvising to create more interesting and interactive challenges for the munchkins that go beyond their (and my) initial expectations for the class.


Learn more about Eugene and his work. 

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