Our First Workshop is a WorkShape!


WorkShape – June 9, 2018

Our first Minni Workshop has arrived! And – as you may have guessed from its name – it’s all about shapes.

Children are inherently drawn to shapes. They explore them as soon as they can grip, playing with shape sorters and round and square beanbags, and progressing to creating their own pages of shapes with stamps and pencils as their fine motor skills allow for more interaction with design and art. 

Our WorkShape with artist Liliana Marquez expands on that curiosity, introducing children ages 4–9 to the idea of Platonic Solids, or a set of very special shapes that share specific structure around congruency, edges, and faces. The underlying science of this set of five forms is relatively complex, but the workshop makes its material approachable and accessible through the tactile and visual assembly of triangles, a square, and a Pentagon. Liliana will guide the group through a series of graphical questions, leveraging a collection of reclaimed materials: Why are there only five platonic solids? Where do we find platonic solids in real life? And what surprises do they hold for us? 

About Liliana
WorkShape teacher Liliana Marquez grew up in the vibrant, multicultural environment of Caracas, Venezuela. She earned her BA in Art and Graphic Design from the prestigious Caracas Institute of Design in Venezuela and has been creatively exploring art in Boston since 1998. Liliana focuses on working in 3D in her own style of RE POP ART, designing home products and making art with reclaimed materials from her studio in Jamaica Plain. She brings her passion for recycled resources and supplies to her work with young children in area schools, where she leads programming that encourages the exploration of language, structure, shape, and color.