Now Springing Up: Minni's Spring Classes


Minni’s Spring 2018 Art and Design classes are open for registration!

We offer classes for three age groups: 

  • Minni Toddlers, ages 1.5 – 3 years

  • Minni Preschoolers, ages 3 – 5 years

  • Minni Elementary Students, ages 6 – 9 years

Our programming is distinct and unique:

  • All courses are taught by educated designers and artists.

  • Classes emphasize a progression of skills, with each week building upon the last.

  • Technique is at the root of everything we offer. Each class follows an intentional approach to its subject matter, so the right steps are taken at the right times.

You can read more details about our class program here.

This first set of classes will run for five weeks, beginning the week of May 14. A few highlights from our inaugural Spring session: 

MinniBuilders – Silly Structures
Ages 1.5 – 3 years
Children and their caregivers will play and problem-solve their way through this fun-filled program of silly shaping and constructing. Classes will bring a playful combination of building materials to the table, with cardboard, blocks, paper, clay, and found objects all making their way into MinniBuilders’ hands; each week will provide a mix of unique opportunities for classmates to build, balance, and experiment with shapes and forms. Projects and stations focus on spatial awareness development – expect lots of stacking, tons of sticking, and extra-intense smooshing as imaginations bubble over with ideas for buildings, playgrounds, and whimsical sculptures.


MinniPrinters – Pattern Play
Ages 3 – 5 years
Students will explore mark making, shapes, and color interaction in this dynamic class focused on finding the path to playful patterns. Weekly lessons will touch on a multitude of art processes including drawing, painting, collage, and printing, and how these both integrate and also play off of pattern. Inspiration will be pulled from the works of fashion, interior, and graphic designers as all of our MinniPrinters expand their understanding of shape, color, and texture. Geometric designs will be drawn, stencils created, repeat patterns stamped, and paper and fabric purposefully painted across this series of lively lessons!


MinniArchitects – Plan a Playground
Ages 6 – 9 years
Why just play at a playground when you can plan one? This pencil-wielding crew of MinniArchitects will apply basic architectural design concepts as they first plan on paper, then move to actually constructing playground-inspired projects. Working with a mix of 2-D and 3-D materials – including paint, cardboard, clay, and textured papers – children will be encouraged to partner collaboratively with peers in both problem-solving and analysis. Each architect will advance his or her sense of spatial awareness and develop new creative thinking skills as they invent and build a new playplace!

Registration is ongoing. View our full schedule and sign up your MinniArtist today.