We proudly showcase the work of local artists whose work relates to playful design. We tie in our drop-in activities + class curriculum to reflect the artist’s methods, shapes and materials to inspire our Minni Artists and give them a taste of the working artist process.



Current Exhibition


Trash Rainbows

Jenna Talbott

October 4–January 31

In August of 2018, after reading about the ‘unexplained mortality event’ affecting East Coast humpback whales, local artist and designer Jenna Talbott made her first permanent trash rainbow collage. Beach Trash Whale, crafted entirely from beach trash found on Wollaston Beach in Quincy, is glued to braced masonite painted with matte interior paint. Jenna now transforms household cleaner caps, straws and even plastic bags into bright works of art. 

About Jenna
Jenna Talbott is an editorial art director and artist. In 2018, after major spring storms flooded much of Boston and the surrounding communities, she began an ongoing series of collages made from colorful plastic trash found on the beach by her home. What began as small trash rainbows crafted onsite for others to ponder, quickly led to a habit of regularly picking up beach trash and saving (cleaned) hard plastics for future use.




Past Exhibitions


Feeling Feelings

Elodie Blanchard

“Feeling Feelings” is an artistic representation of a spectrum of emotions and their accompanied colors by artist + designer Elodie Blanchard. In this series of drawings Elodie uses a combination of ink and gouache to reinvent emotions with inspiration from color wheels and emojis.



Low + Slow

Raúl the Third

“Low + Slow” features original illustrations from the popular Lowriders comic book series and the much anticipated ¡Vamos! Let's Go to the Market! by award-winning author and illustrator Raúl The Third. 



A Winter for a Fox, or Two

Denise Gunter

In a colorful collaboration with the renowned Japanese brand MT Washi Tape, Minni commissioned an installation inspired by wintery hues and woodlands designed by local artist and teacher Denise Gunter.



Continuous Gradation

Ryan and Kimberly Habbyshaw

“Continuous Gradation” features work by designer duo Ryan and Kimberly Habbyshaw of Loyal Union in Somerville, MA. Bold circle prints form a continuous gradation across a backdrop of pristine white walls, illustrating the scalability of art + design.



Larger + Smallish

Suzy Pilgrim Waters

“Larger + Smallish” presents bold shapes and, in Susy’s own words, “adventures in paint.” Susy is inspired by the boldness of nature and the contrasting elements of urban architecture, both of which she re-interprets with abstract forms and diverse hues.