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Minni offers a complete suite of weekly classes for children ages 18 months to 10 years old. 

Our programming is distinct and unique:

  • All courses are taught by professional artists, designers, and educators.

  • Classes emphasize a progression of skills, with each week building upon the last.

  • The surrounding SoWa Art + Design District allows field trips and unique exposure to nearby galleries, furniture showrooms, and artist studios.

  • Our curriculum is created by real experts who have both classroom teaching experience and background in program development, so we are able to create experiences that offer the right amount of challenge for all of our students.

Also of note:

  • Drop-in options are available for each class upon request. Please contact us 24 hours in advance to request a drop-in.

  • All courses incorporate the use of natural, sustainable, and high quality art materials.

  • Projects are inspired by contemporary artists, designers, and innovative thinkers to help students best explore where design and art converge.

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Late Spring Classes

April 30–June 21


Ages 1.5–3

MinniMessMakers - Ocean Excursion

Tuesdays 9:30–10:15am

MinniExplorers - Music Mashup

Wednesdays 10:30–11:15am

MinniBuilders - Silly Structures

Thursdays 10:30–11:15am


Ages 3–6

MinniArchitects - City Silhouettes

Tuesdays 3:45–4:30pm

MinniExplorers - Color Love

Wednesdays 3:45–4:30pm

MinniExplorers - Future Foodies

Friday 3:45–4:30pm


Ages 6–10

MinniArchitects - Plan a Playground

Tuesdays 4:45–6pm

MinniBuilders - Movable Machines

Wednesdays 4:45–6pm

MinniExplorers - Playful Potions

Thursdays 4:45–6pm

MinniDesigners - Fun with Fashion

Fridays 4:45–6pm



Summer Classes

July 9–August 20


Ages 1.5–3

MinniMessMakers - Color Crush

Tuesdays 10–10:45am

MinniMessMakers - Ocean Excursion

Wednesdays 10–10:45am

MinniBuilders - Toppling Towers

Thursdays 10–10:45am